Torre Plstik

The project’s goal is to collect and transform plastic packaging into skates and other recycled plastic objects, but also to generate a positive impact by raising awareness in the neighborhood community about the problem of incorrect disposal of plastic material, offering circular and environmentally friendly alternatives. They’re based at a local skate-park and the upcycled

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R-Coat is a community-based fashion brand that repurposes broken umbrellas – collected by our Umbrella Heroes – into eco-designed garments handmade in Portugal for people who want to wear stylish garments while reducing their environmental footprint.

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Gregory’s Company is dedicated to environmental stewardship, we actively combat food waste through membership in the « Alliance for the Reduction of Food Waste, » providing substantial food aid and promoting plastic reduction through eco-friendly materials. Our commitment extends to comprehensive measures like recycling initiatives, energy conservation, and sustainable practices across our network, reinforcing our mission to

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We choose to move towards a sustainable tomorrow and we all choose to be part of this effort. That is why in Theoni one of the main objectives of our company is to protect nature, which generously offers us its most precious resource, and to create a future with a GREEN footprint, a future that

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Our vision is a full cycle of ethical choices, from the cultivation of the plant and its extraction, to the development of the ultra-pure water formula, to the final product, and the recycling of every part of its packaging.

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